Asahi Pentax SP, c 1964 for repair or parts

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Purchase Date 11/11/2008
Price $21.01
Shipping $0
Make Asahi Penttax
Model SP
Item Id 2683418
Serial # 2683418
Cosmetics Excellent
Condition shutter works
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Asahi Pentax SP, c 1964 for repair or parts

Camera body Sr. No. 2683418

Sold as is for Repair or Parts

Focal plane shutter B, 1-1000

This is the first Pentax with through the lens exposure metering.

The cosmetic condition of the camera is Excellent plus!

The camera is 80%-89% of the original condition.

The camera shows moderate wear, and has slight marks on finish.

The view glass is clean.

The shutter cable release works.

All shutter speed work.

Flash syncs work.

Cable release works.

Self timer works.

Meter does not works.

Mirror occasionally locks up