Canon T-50 35mm Body As is for repair or parts.

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Purchase Date 08/29/2008
Price $1.99
Shipping $11.25
Make Canon
Model T50
Item Id 1714592
Serial # 1714592
Cosmetics Good
Condition working
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Canon T-50 35mm Body As is for repair or parts. Item number: 220270298702

This camera is simple to use and gives excellent results. Great for beginners and students. It will accept a large number of lenses from wide angle to telephoto. Uses 2 each AA batteries not included. The battery door is broken and will need to be replaced. The pictures are of the actual camera. Sold as is for repair or parts.

Pure Simplicity
• Built-in winder
• Auto loading, auto winding
• Fully programmed AE

• Programmed flash AE
• Energy-saving design
• Lightweight, compact

The Canon T series models were a new breed of SLR cameras introduced by Canon to replaced the A Series model. The Canon T-50 featured here was the first model within the T Series. It was built with the concept of everything convenient and easy to use, packed in a light weight body with a built-in integral winder to handle loading, remote control capability ready, offering automatic film advancing except for automatic rewinding and DX coding features from the high-end T-90 model - all sound too luxurious for a bare-bone A series model which may require the attachment of accessories like motor drive or power winder to perform similar tasks. And on its own, the T-50 stands between simplicity and sophistication. It is a simple to operate, inviting and user friendly SLR camera. It shares with most of the system accessories in the huge Canon FD lenses photographic system. It also patches some of the key weaknesses found in the A series model. The silk fabric shutter curtain was replaced with a newly developed vertically travel metal curtain, which result in a higher achievable sync speed (varies with individual models) as compared with the standard 1/60 sec among all the A series models. The T50 featured here, was almost designed to handle like a P&S camera - other than the film rewind knob, other confusing knobs and switches have been replaced with simple control knob.

My note: I put on new battery door.