Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL camera #202644 with Auto mamiya/sekor 1:2 f=50 mm lens No.114234

Item Details
Purchase Date 10/11/2017
Price $10
Shipping $0
Make Mamiya/Sekor
Model 500 DTL
Item Id 202644
Serial # 202644
Cosmetics good
Condition Working
Value Estimate $40.00
Notes Uses Eveready 76, Mallory MS- 675, Ray-O-Vac RS-76 batteries.
Lens added 1:2 f=50 mm


From Goodwill in The Dalles. Mamiya/sekor camera in ready case with two film canister holders attached to strap. No lens but I bought a mamiya/sekor 400 mm lens No.130357 at the same time for $7.00. Camera winds and fires at all shutter speeds. Speeds not checked. No battery or not the right battery so no meter check. Lots of specks through viewfinder. Added an Auto mamiya/sekor 1:2 f=50 mm screw mount lens. Very clean. Glass is clean, clear and fungus free. Aperture is oil free and blades snappy.