Fujica STX-1 camera # 1581722 with a lens # 262266

Item Details
Purchase Date 07/17/2017
Price $6.3
Shipping $0
Make Fujica
Model STX-1
Item Id 1581722
Serial # 1581722
Cosmetics Good
Condition Meter broken
Value Estimate
Lens 55 mm 1:2.2


Bought from St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Body was dirty but cleaned up nicely. Dust inside prism. Advances and fires. Shutter timing speeds seems OK. Meter isn't responding. Lens glass is clean and clear and aperture blades are oil free and snappy. Front ID ring is missing from filter threads so I can't identify make or focal range of lens. Looks like an X-Fujinon 55 mm 1:2.2. Has bottom half of carry case and a slim strap.