Minolta X-370s camera # A03976 with a Minolta Rokker-X QF 1:3.5 f=50mm lens # 2617114 and a MC Minolta Celtic 1:2.8 f=135mm lens # 1315127

Item Details
Purchase Date 06/12/2017
Price $12.5
Shipping $0
Make Minolta
Model X-370s
Item Id A03976
Serial # A03976
Cosmetics Good
Condition Working
Value Estimate $40.00
Lens #2617114 and #1315127


From St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Camera came in a small hard case with two lenses. Meter seems to be working and shutter and advance work.
shutter speeds adjust and seem to be fairly accurate by just listening. Both lenses look very good, have clean and clear glass and an oil free aperture with snappy blades. The 135mm lens comes in a nice soft case.