Asahi Pentax K 1000 camera #7537580 and SMC Pentax 1:2 55mm lens #1668928 Focal M-200 flash #M138066

Item Details
Purchase Date 06/01/2017
Price $13
Shipping $0
Make Asahi Pentax
Model K 1000
Item Id 7537580
Serial # 7537580
Cosmetics Nice
Condition Working
Value Estimate $45.00
Notes Flash unit serial number inside battery compartment.
Lens SMC Pentax 1:2 55mm


Bought from St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Camera had film in it. All seems to work. Advances and fires. Meter works and speeds seem to change OK. The lens is fairly clean and clear with a few small specks of something. Aperture is oil free and snappy. Came with lens cap and small strap Also with a Focal M-200 flash unit which tests out OK.