Mamiya/Sekor 500 TL camera # 160312 and Auto Mamiya/Sekor 1:2 f=50mm lens No. 89711

Item Details
Purchase Date 01/09/2017
Price $12.5
Shipping $0
Make Mamiya/Sekor
Model 500 TL
Item Id 160312
Serial # 160312
Cosmetics Good
Condition Working
Value Estimate $25.00
Lens mamiya/sekor 1:2 f=50mm


Bought from St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Camera in ready case with strap. Camera works after opening front and squirting fluid on escapement gears to get lower speeds from 1 to 4 working. Meter seems to work.. Responds anyway. Shutter and advance work. Has a hot shoe attachment.
Lens glass is clean and clear. Aperture is oil free and snappy. Has a HOYA 52mm Skylight (1B) filter.