Minolta XG-M camera #2382347 witha Minolta MD 50mm 1:2 lens #1431687 and Vivitar 2500 flash #2113526

Item Details
Purchase Date 10/22/2016
Price $7.99
Shipping $0
Make Minolta
Model XG-M
Item Id 2382347
Serial # 2382347
Cosmetics Very good
Condition Working
Value Estimate 25.00
Notes Minolta camera with strap, lens and Vivitar flash all came in a Minolta soft case
Lens 50mm 1:2


Bought from St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Camera looks good, powers up and fires. Meter lights up but shutter speeds seem to be on the slow side, especially the slow speeds. No further diagnosis. Flash tests good and recovery is very fast. Lens is clean, glass is clear and aperture blades oil free and snappy.