Minolta X-570 camera #9015616 an an Albiner ADG 28mm 1:2.8 macro focus lens #83204572

Item Details
Purchase Date 09/18/2016
Price $10
Shipping $0
Make Minolta
Model X-570
Item Id 9015616
Serial # 9015616
Cosmetics Good
Condition Working
Value Estimate $25.00
Notes Came with lens, Cokin filter set in case and in ready case inside a Minolta bag..
Lens 28mm 1:2.8 macro


Bought at Senior Center in The Dalles. Had to fiddle with resetting shutter and put in lighter fluid on bottom and mirror hinge points to get working. The focus screen is very dull so I hope cleaning with dish soap will clear it up. It did clear up some but still not to bright. I don't think this camera has a very bright or legible viewfinder. Seems to be working OK for now. The lens glass is clear but needs a little spot removed. The aperture has a bit of oil on it that needs removed.

A brochure is included along with a lens cleaning kit.

Cokin filter holder with a Star 8 a 056 filter and part of a set of 3 COEF. + 3 s SEPIA A 005 filters in a case with instructions.

A Starblitz 180T flash is also in the mix. It tests out fine and seems to recover pretty quickly on camera.