Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F camera #6157999 with SMC Takumar 1:1.8/55 lens #7975666

Item Details
Purchase Date 08/28/2016
Price $0.69
Shipping $0
Make Honeywell Pentax
Model SP - F
Item Id 6157999
Serial # 6157999
Cosmetics Very good
Value Estimate $25-$30
Notes Came in ready case with lens #7975666 and a filter attached.
Lens 1:1.8/55


Bought from Goodwill in Gresham along with a big assortment for $.69 each. The camera looks very good but the shutter button was stuck and wouldn't trip the shutter. Shutter button now fixed. The meter seems to work though. The SMC Takumar 1:1.8/55 lens #7975666 is very nice. No oil on aperture blades and they are snappy. I had to remove the plunger for the man/auto setting. Had to take the lens apart to do it. Glass is clean and clear. A 49mm Vivitar VMC Skylight 1A filter is attached along with a front lens cap.