Albinar ADG 80-200mm 1:3.9 MC macro zoom No. 84101334

Item Details
Purchase Date 08/28/2016
Price $0.69
Shipping $0
Make Albinar
Model ADG MC
Item Id 84101334
Serial # 84101334
Cosmetics Poor
Condition Working
Value Estimate $10
Notes Has an Albinar 55mm Polarizer filter attached. Minolta MD mount.
Lens 80-200mm 1:3.9 Macro zoom


Bought from Salvation Army in Gresham along with a lot of stuff for .69 each. The lens looks rough on the outside but the glass is clean and clear and the aperture is oil free, responsive in all settings and snappy. It has three long screws missing and only one holding the mounting ring. MD Minolta mount.

Made for precise imaging, the Albinar ADG 80 mm - 200 mm lens is designed to let photographers get up close to their subjects. This 80 mm - 200 mm f/3.9 lens makes it possible for the photographer to move closer or farther away from any shot as needed. The f/3.9 aperture of this Albinar camera lens lets plenty of light pass through it, so every single shot is brilliantly and perfectly illuminated. The Albinar ADG is compatible with Canon cameras, but the Minolta mount fits on many different camera models so it can be used with a wide variety of equipment. The small size and lightweight of the Albinar ADG 80 mm - 200 mm lens won't weigh down the camera, so photographers can take well-balanced, easy shots every time. Focus this 80 mm - 200 mm f/3.9 lens on any interesting subject, and the photo will come out looking sharp, crisp and precise. Having an Albinar camera lens is almost as good as having a professional photographer on hand.

Model: ADG
Type: Macro/Close Up
Focus Type: Manual
Focal Length: Zoom
Focal Length (mm): 80-200 mm
Aperture: F/3.9