Minolta Maxxum HTsi #97818808 with Minolta AF Zoom 35-80mm 1:4 (22) -5.6 lens #99907473 and Minolta VeCtis

Item Details
Purchase Date 05/03/2016
Price $12.5
Shipping $0
Make Minolta
Model HTsi
Item Id 97818808
Serial # 97818808
Cosmetics Very good
Condition Untested
Value Estimate
Notes Camera came with lens and flash unit
Lens Minolta 35-80 Auto Focus


Bought from St. Vinnie's in The Dalles. Camera, flash (Minolta ViCtis SF-1 #2063545) and lens all look good and probably work but are untested. Lens aperture blades are clean and snappy and glass is clear and clean. Batteries (2 1CR2 in both camera and in flash unit) are down and camera has film inside. Lens has cover. Camera has strap.