Petri 7 s range finder with Petri Amber C. 1.8 45mm lens #729725

Item Details
Purchase Date 04/17/2016
Price $5
Shipping $0
Make Petri
Model 7 s
Item Id 729725
Serial # 729725
Cosmetics Very Good
Condition Not working
Value Estimate Parts maybe but not much more.
Notes Worked on for many hours and still almost worthless.
Lens Petri 1.8 45mm


Bought at St. Vinnie's in The Dalles. Looks very good but shutter button moves up and down freely and will not fire shutter. Film advance will not advance because shutter is probably already cocked but will not release. Came in a stock hard ready case with strap which is a bit worn.

Took camera apart and found a stud type screw broken off and jamming rewind lever. Replaced with a long screw. Ruined leatherette while removing lens mount plate. Deeply scratch front lens glass by being careless with lens. Light meter isn't working. But camera rewinds and cocos most of the time now but not always and has to be re-cocked. ASA will go up to nearly 200 but not to 400 as it should. All in all it seems to be something of a lost cause.