Olympus OM10 film camera #469140 with an Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1,8 lens #3802746

Item Details
Purchase Date 12/22/2015
Price $14.5
Shipping $0
Make Olympus
Model OM10
Item Id 469140
Serial # 469140
Cosmetics Very good
Condition Meter sketchy
Value Estimate
Notes Camera and lens bought together.
Lens 50mm 1:1,8


Bought at St. Vinnie's in The Dalles. Camera and lens look very good. The camera advances and fires but the meter seems erratic. Bulb setting doesn't work. Auto mode seems to work but meter isn't always visible in viewfinder. It has a manual attachment but I can't tell if it does anything. The Olympus 50mm 1:1.8 #3802746 lens however appears to be very good. The glass is clean and clear and the aperture is oil free and snappy. All came in a nice carry case.