Nippon Kogaku Zoom=NIKKOR Auto 1:3.5 f=43mm - f=86mm lens #443278

Item Details
Purchase Date 11/24/2015
Price $5.99
Shipping $0
Make Nikkor
Model Auto 1:3.5 f=43mm - f=86mm
Item Id 443278
Serial # 443278
Cosmetics Fair
Condition Needs aperture blades cleaned
Value Estimate
Notes Non AI zoom lens
Lens f=35mm - f=86mm 1:3.5


Bought at St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Lens has some oil on the aperture blades. Glass needs cleaned but no fungus lens works, albeit a bit sluggish.

I have now cleaned the aperture and glass and the lens seems to function good at this time.

The lens doesn't get good reviews and is considered one of Nikon's worst.