Super-Takumar 1:2.8/105mm Asahi Opt. Co. lens #3086582 with Asanuma Auto Tele Converter 2X

Item Details
Purchase Date 11/23/2015
Price $5.99
Shipping $0
Make Asahi Opt. Co.
Model Super-Takumar 1;2.8/105mm
Item Id 3086582
Serial # 3086582
Cosmetics Good
Condition Working
Value Estimate
Notes Lenas with Auto Tele Converter
Lens 105mm 1:2.8


Bought at St. Vinnies in The Dalles. Lens has clear glass and focuses smoothly. Aperture blades are free of oil and are snappy. Lens came with an Asanuma Auto Tele Converter 2X For Pentax attached. Came with two lens filters. A Tiffen 49M Haze 1 and a Hoya HMC 49mm Skylight (B). A rubber lens hood was attached as well.