Lot of 2 Canon T90 Camera Bodies (#1077796)

Item Details
Purchase Date 11/23/2015
Price $7
Shipping $7
Make Canon
Model T90
Item Id 1077796
Serial # 1077796
Cosmetics Fair
Condition Working intermittently
Value Estimate 15.00
Notes This is the Canon T90 camera #1077796
Lens No


Bidding on Lot of 2 Canon T90 Camera Bodies

Average/rough cosmetic condition
Show some scratches, scuffs, and paint wear/loss
Cameras are NOT working properly

Camera body #1108782
Has a broken battery chamber
Camera will NOT turn on

Camera #1077796
Will NOT fire correctly
Give an error message



{{{ This camera looks well used but not too bad. It required a bump to get the shutter started but it is now working as of Dec 20, 2015. Now it's not working?? After sitting awhile. I had to do a rewind without film to reset shutter. Film advance and take up motors working but not tested with film.}}}