Olympus OM-4 camera-AS IS!-shutter not functional

Item Details
Purchase Date 08/21/2007
Price $54
Shipping $7
Make Olympus
Model OM-4
Item Id 1088346
Serial # 1088346
Cosmetics Good
Condition Broken
Value Estimate
Notes 35mm film camera
Lens Zuiko MC 1:1.8


ebay 270154979482
Needs attention to shutter and new batteries, other wise cosmeticly looks good with some use showing. Camera is complete with back and lens as shown but is sold as is for restoration without warranty.

Comes with a Zuiko MC 1:1.8 lens attached.

I found a part missing inside behind lens mount. A cover for something. Cap is missing from top of rewind lever.

Also, the problem with the shutter is that a string is loose from one corner of then curtian.