Pentax K1000 body with bad meter

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Purchase Date 05/26/2008
Price $9.99
Shipping $9.95
Make Asahi-Pentax
Model K1000
Item Id 8327247
Serial #
Cosmetics Good
Condition meter jumpy
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Pentax K1000 body with bad meter Item number: 230248233521

Pentax K1000, in good mechanical and cosmetic shape. A small amount of brassing on the ends, minor surface scratches on the bottom, some paint wear around eyepiece, otherwise very clean.

Great mechanical condition, fires perfectly at all speeds. The problem lies with the light meter. Even with a new battery, the needle in the viewfinder is very jumpy and sticky. Sometimes it works fine, then the needle will just get lazy, and stick somewhere for awhile. Most likely an easy fix for a technician, but I've never had it officially diagnosed, so I'll just say that, in it's present condition, the meter is non-functional.

That being said, even without the meter, it is a terrific camera body. Use it with any Pentax bayonet manual-focusing lens. Use any hand-held light meter, or the trusty sunny-16 rule, for exposure. You know the guide...use your film speed as your shutter speed (1/60 for asa 100, 1/500 for asa 400, etc.), and f/16 for bright sun, f/11 for hazy, f/8 for mostly cloudy, etc. You'll be plenty close enough for a good exposure on black-and-white or color neg film.

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