Vivitar Auto Thyristor 2800

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Purchase Date 08/08/2011
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Make Vivitar
Model 2800
Item Id 3876680
Serial # 3876680
Cosmetics Good
Condition Works
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Notes Flash


Detailed item info
Vivitar designs, develops, and markets affordable, easy-to-use photographic and digital imaging products that offer families and other consumers exceptional value, fine quality, and a wide range of features and benefits. PRODUCT FEATURES: Guide number 80 (ISO 100/ft.) for auto flash range to 40 ft; Four position bounce head for soft, even lighting; Unique control panel for ease-of-use.

Product Identifiers
Brand Vivitar
Model 2800
MPN 231556

Key Features
Guide Number 80 ft/ISO 100

Vertical Rotation Angle +90 / 0

Other Features
Min Flash Duration 0.03 ms
Max Flash Duration 1.33 ms
Required Battery 4 x battery - AA type

Was given to me by a mat at an auction in Woodburn for helping him carry out his bought camera items.

"Caution with this flash"
The Vivitar 2800 is an older model with high voltage (200 volts) on the hot shoe. This was ok on old cameras with mechanical sync contacts, but can destroy the circuitry of modern digital cameras. Some cameras can handle it fine. Check the specs on your camera before mounting this in the hot shoe. Or use it with an off-camera slave trigger that is rated for 200+ volts. Or buy a Wein Safe-Sync (but it's hard to justify $47 for a safe-sync when the strobe only costs $15). I bought two of these strobes and I am working on an optically-isolated modification to make them safe for all cameras.

The strobe has a thyristor exposure control circuit with two ranges so that you don't have to keep changing your aperture manually when the subject distance changes. Just set the aperture according to the slide calculator on the back of the unit.

There is a popular movement for use of smaller hot shoe flashes off-camera. (See the Strobist blog by David Hobby The Vivitar 2800 is a great little strobe for this kind of use.

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