UNKNOWN! 80-250mm 4.5-4.8 Macro Zoom Lens By Rokinon

Item Details
Purchase Date 05/26/2008
Price $0.97
Shipping $7.92
Make Rokinon
Model MC
Item Id 100070
Serial # 100070
Cosmetics Good
Condition working-missing lever
Value Estimate
Notes Telephoto lens
Lens 80-250mm 4.5-4.8 Macro zoom


UNKNOWN! 80-250mm 4.5-4.8 Macro Zoom Lens By Rokinon Item number: 380021702739

Brand: Rokinon

Type: 80-205mm 4.5-4.8 macro zoom camera lens.
Coatings: Multi-coatings

Optic Glass Condition: Excellent: No fungus or separation.

Lens Cosmetic Condition: Excellent: Super light brassing.

Focus Ring: Smooth.

Aperture Ring: Smooth with positive stops.

Aperture Leaves: Excellent: They snap back without hesitation.

Zoom Ring: Smooth
Accessories Included: N/A

Comments: I have to say this is a first. I do not have a clue what camera this lens fits. I have included a pic of the mount if it helps. It looks like a Minolta but, the notch is on the wrong side. maybe Petri? I will make it fun by starting at $.97.

My commit: This is actually a M42 mount lens with a Minolta adapter installed.