6 Canon T50 SRL camera bodies for part - box 3

Item Details
Purchase Date 05/21/2010
Price $0.99
Shipping $10.95
Make Canon
Model T50
Item Id 1604336588
Serial #
Condition Parts or repair
Value Estimate
Notes Six broken Canon T50


I have several camera bodies for sale "AS IS" items. I have them from auctions long time ago and just need them go. These bodies all have problems and I could not remember what problems they have. All I have is some notes in file and not sure how accurately of the notes are. It was in the old file from years ago. I cannot and will not re-test them to locate the problem correctly.

Canon T50 1324117 doesn't work
Canon T50 1344430 Motor hump but not works
Canon T50 2484836 non working
Canon T50 1632714 broken battery connection and camera shutter doesn't work right, it is too slow speed
Canon T50 2229086 not work
canon T50 1490350 no power

It is not important for how much the auction will end. The auction will start at 0.99 with S&H of $10.95 for USPS medium flat rated priority box. Of course no return on these items.