Canon F1 -- for parts

Item Details
Purchase Date 07/31/2009
Price $15.5
Shipping $10
Make Canon
Model F-1
Item Id 573942
Serial # 573942
Condition Parts
Value Estimate
Notes Parts camera



Jul 16, 2009

Up for auction is a Canon F1 for parts or repair. What you see is what you get. No baseplate. No prism. No focusing screen. No back. Lots of good parts left though. Shutter fires nice and crisp. Film advance feels smooth and sturdy. Self timer and mirror lockup work. Meter is inoperative. Cosmetics are average showing light to moderate brassing around the edges.

This is the second version of the F1 with the plastic coated film advance and the ASA dial that reaches 3200. Not to be confused with the final version of the F1 which is often referred to as the F1N.