1st of lot of 2 Nikon SB-23 Speedlight flash units

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Purchase Date 07/28/2009
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Make Nikon
Model SB-23
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Jul 13, 2009
Item number: 270419852199
Item:2 Nikon SB-23 Speedlight Flash NICE!!! AF F5 Camera

Lot of 2, Nikon SB-23 Speedlight

Introduced in 1988, Nikon SB-23 is a lovely, extraordinary compact TTL Speedlight unit. It is highly portable and despite its compactness and lightweight (weighs merely 140g), it has a great compatibility with many Nikon AF SLRs with its AF-assist illumination. It is also usable as an companion flash for Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash with the later Nikon AF cameras such as F5, F100, F90x, F85, PRONEA 600i or F70 etc. with any AF-Nikkor CPU lens*. With F4-series, F-801s, F-601, F50 or F-401x and a CPU lense **, it synchronizes well to be used as a dedicated Speedlight for Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash.

GN: 66(ft), 20 (m)
Weight: 4.9 oz (140g) (w/o batteries)
Size: 2.6” (67mm) tall x 2.5” (64mm) wide x 3.3” (84mm) deep
Power: four AA batteries
Recycle Time: 2 seconds minimum (full discharge)
# of Flashes: ~400 at full manual
Flash Duration: 1/2,000
Coverage: 35mm lens (60 degrees horizontal, 45 degrees vertical)
Case: SS-23
Key Features: TTL flash control with most TTL-capable bodies; autofocus assist LED.



Comes as pictured, winning bidder will receive 2 identical item as pictured.