Canon FD 50mm S.S.C. 1:3.5 Macro lens

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Purchase Date 07/03/2009
Price $31
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Make Canon
Model FD S.S.C.
Item Id 20528
Serial # 20528
Cosmetics Good
Condition Good
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Notes Macro lens
Lens 1:3.5 Macro


Canon FD lens 50mm S.S.C 1:3.5 MACRO AE-1 A-1 F-1
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This is a genuine Canon 50mm S.S.C. (super spectra coated glass elements) 1:3.5 MACRO lens to fit Canon FD mount cameras. Serial # O801. This is a nice macro lens, great for taking close-ups of spring flowers or bees on the flowers (third picture was taken with this lens). Aperture blades operate properly and do not have any oil on them. Glass elements do not have any visible scratches or fungus. nice). This is a very nice and good quality lens that will give you great results. f stops range from 3.5 to 22 or automatic to set the aperture with shutter speed.