Pentax Asahi 135mm lens

Item Details
Purchase Date 07/03/2009
Price $10.5
Shipping $8.18
Make Pentax
Model 135mm
Item Id 491415
Serial # 491415
Value Estimate
Lens Pentax 135mm


Pentax Asahi 135mm lens Item number: 130313603552
Ended: Jun-27-09 07:00:00 PDT

Pentax Asahi 135mm lens. The lens itself looks good, but it has a fine blue powder over it from the inside deterioration of the case. You would have to clean it or take your chances. As-Is because I haven't tried to blow it off. I will place it in a plastic bag and ship it in the hard case, but the case is a lost cause.

My note: What appeared to be blue chalk cleaned out of the lid of case. I painted brown. Seems OK now.