Pentax K1000 Film Camera body for repair / parts.

Item Details
Purchase Date 05/19/2008
Price $13.57
Shipping $10.95
Make Pentax
Model K1000
Item Id 7948468
Serial # 7948468
Value Estimate
Notes 35mm Camera


Pentax K1000 Film Camera body for repair / parts. Item number: 320245584989

You are bidding on a Pentax K1000 35mm film SLR camera body. This camera is actually 100% functional mechanically, but I've listed it for repair / parts because the light meter is not operating properly. It does read the correct lighting, but you have to tap the side of the camera in order for the needle to move whenever you make an aperature change or change the lighting you are aiming at. It will also need a mirror foam job, as there is no foam in the mirror box. Otherwise, this is extremely clean, and has been tested with a roll of film in order to make sure transport and rewind were ok as well as the hot shoe and plunger for remote use. Film advance and transport is smooth, shutter fires at all settings, film rewind and door release are also 100%. Viewfinder has light dust, but is clear. Prism is also very clear. Hot shoe is working, as does the screw in mount for a remote shutter plunger. Leatherette is in great condition, top and bottom covers also in great condition. Battery cover not worn, and battery compartment is clean. This camera has been very well cared for but it's time for a tune-up. Some wear on the black enamel paint around the viewfinder and trim, but no hard cuts or chips.

Camera serial # is 7948468 and a pentax body cap is included.